Hella products are meticulously handcrafted in New York City. We’re proud of what’s in the bottle and you’ll see why when you taste it.


50/50 Martini

The Martini is, hands down the most iconic cocktail. Simple yet elegant with endless variations and a storied past. 

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Iced Tea


Bitters in your Iced Tea all summer long. 

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Dark and Stormy

Named a Dark and Stormy because because If you add the alcohol after the ginger beer it will float on top creating a dark layer (the rum) and a stormy layer (the ginger beer).  


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A Negroni is a classic cocktail, with a somewhat mysterious and unverifiable history involving a thirsty Count, a talented barman and the right amount of inspiration.

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A foundational American cocktail. The name of which is not easily traced to the populous island where it is often enjoyed. This elegant drink requires a gentle touch and the Italian vermouth must not be overlooked.

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Old Fashioned

This quintessential and storied cocktail has infinite variations, many inspired by regional ingredients.

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